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I have worked with my hands since I was a little girl; first crochet, knitting, then weaving, then macrame… decorating…
I appreciate the therapeutic aspect of it all – I thinks it’s so simple, sometimes monotonous, but also complex at the same time.
All my products are available in my shop (for custom size, pricing and orders please use the contact form), but I have much more to offer.
I love playing with colors, fabrics and textiles and I’m the right choice if you need another set of savvy eyes to help bring your design inspiration to life, or if you want to give a room a makeover and don’t have time to handle it on your own.
The process is simple. I commence with your existing furniture and add the “ iTa”  signature look, layering my products and other pieces from all over the world to create a truly beautiful and unique space.

Whether your budget is big or small, I will help transform your home, house, office…into something special.

To get any additional information, please send an email to or you can click here and send a message.


Macrame #11

Macrame #12

Macrame #13

Macrame #14

Macrame #15

Bag #21

Bag #22

Lamp #31

Bag #23

Macrame #16